Fire Damage and the Dangers of Smoke

We’ve all heard of the dangers of smoke inhalation during a fire. What many people don’t realize is that smoke damage after a fire if left untreated, can cause long-term damage to your property, your possessions and your health.

You need to act fast calling certified professionals such as ServiceMaster of Lethbridge to assist, if your home is affected and here is why:

Smoke Damage Continues Long After a Fire
Following a fire, you may think that smoke damage is limited to stains and odour. However, smoke can cause chemical reactions that continue to damage paint, metal and plastic surfaces for days after the fire is put out, causing discolouration, pitting or chemical burning. What seems like a small amount of damage can get much worse over time if it isn’t properly taken care of. For restoration projects in Lethbridge or southern Alberta, we recommend that fire damage from smoke be treated as soon as possible by the trained technicians at ServiceMaster of Lethbridge.

Smoke Creates an Unhealthy Environment
When ServiceMaster attends to fire damage in Lethbridge and southern Alberta, one of the biggest concerns our clients have is getting rid of the smell. What many don’t realize is that not only is the smell unpleasant, but it can also contain toxic gases like carbon monoxide. Because smoke is made up of particles suspended in the air, it can work its way into any porous surface in your home, such as fabric, furniture, carpet and wood. It can even make its way into your home’s ventilation system. The resulting smell can stick around for a long time, and be difficult to clean yourself, especially if you can’t determine the source of the smell—all the more reason to have your home professionally cleaned with our commercial grade HEPA filters, air scrubbers and hydroxyl units.

Smoke Gets in Places You Might Not Expect
The heaviest smoke damage in a fire is usually found directly above the source, for example a kitchen ceiling in the event of a stove fire. But the smoke may have travelled to places you hadn’t considered. Smoke rises and escapes through whatever means it can, so you may need to have windows and doors cleaned, both inside and out, as well as any vents, such as kitchen fans or ceiling vent fans. ServiceMaster of Lethbridge provides certified technicians that know how to clean the damaged areas right the first time, using professional grade, safe cleaning equipment and solutions.

If you’ve experienced fire damage or need restoration in Lethbridge, our certified team can help. Contact ServiceMaster of Lethbridge for restoration of your home due to fire, smoke, water damage; or all three.