How to Stay Safe When Wildfire is Blazing

A wildfire can occur anywhere, anytime, including in areas like southern Alberta where drought and high winds are common.

A misconception is that wildfire only occurs in forested areas. Wildfire can also occur in coulee grasslands and these can be particularly dangerous due to the speed with which fire can travel across this terrain.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) advises to take an active role in your own safety and that of your loved ones by:

  • Prepare Now
  • Survive During
  • Be Safe After

Before a wildfire ever starts:

  • Maintain a safety zone: use non-combustible materials within a minimum of five feet to your home.
  • Clean debris from roof and clean out eavestroughs: debris can be ignited from quite a distance by wind-blown embers.
  • Keep windows shut (if wildfire occurs near you).

During an emergency:

  1. Listen for Emergency information and alerts.
  2. Wet/hose down any exterior surfaces.
  3. Leave if told to do so, immediately.
  4. If trapped call 911.
  5. Use face mask to filter the air you breathe.

After the blaze:

If you are affected by wildfire – or fire/smoke from any cause call in the local professionals at ServiceMaster of Lethbridge. We are equipped to deal with every aspect of your restoration including the associated water damage.

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