What You Need To Do If Your Home Has Suffered Water Damage In Lethbridge

Water truly is a force of nature. It can also be highly destructive. It can ruin your belongings, bring contaminants rushing into your home and threaten the structural integrity of your entire house. If your home has suffered water damage, you need restoration. The team at ServiceMaster Lethbridge can help you every step of the way. Our experts are experienced with restoration services from fire to water damage. Here are some steps for you to do first.

The First Steps

Once you have discovered water damage, you’ll need to act quickly. Some of the first things you should do are:

  • Call Your Insurance Agency — Let your insurance company know what happened and confirm your coverage.
  • Document Everything —Take photos, shoot videos and make lists of everything affected by the water, both inside and outside of your home. You’ll need these records later when applying for disaster relief and when dealing with your insurance provider and restoration company.
  • Get Rid of Excess Water — When you’re dealing with a small amount of water damage, you may be able to soak up excess water with extra towels and blankets. Larger amounts of water will have to be bailed out, either with buckets, a wet vac or a sump pump. Once the standing water is cleared, fans and dehumidifiers will need to be moved into the area to start drying things out and prevent mould from growing.
  • Clean Up — Cleaning up after significant water damage is no easy feat. Flood and water often bring contaminants, such as sewage into your home and even after the excess water is removed, mould can develop and spread quickly.

Problems After Flood or Water Damage has Occurred

One of the biggest problems homeowners face after their house has suffered flood or water damage is mould growth. Mould and bacterial growth can occur quickly and are best handled by an experienced team of restoration professionals in Lethbridge. The team at ServiceMaster of Lethbridge has the expertise you need to help you restore your belongings and return your home to a livable condition.

ServiceMaster of Lethbridge is your trusted source for fast, efficient and professional disaster restoration. Call us 24/7 for emergency assistance after water damage, fires and biohazard exposure. For almost 30 years we’ve been providing superior restoration services to Lethbridge and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more or to request emergency assistance.