Restoration Services in Lethbridge You & Your Property Can Depend On

Disaster can strike when you least expect it. From flood and fire to freak storms and other acts of nature, there’s no telling when your property will withstand damages and require restoration services. Lethbridge property owners have consistently turned to ServiceMaster of Lethbridge in their time of need. We will not only restore your proper back to its former glory, but leave it better than ever before.

Our crew of trained and highly experienced professionals can take a seemingly hopeless situation and turn it into an idyllic living space. Be sure to visit our testimonials page for examples of before and after pictures to see what we can do.

Water Damage Restoration
Between harsh weather and in-home emergencies, floods can ruin buildings and possessions like nothing else. Water is capable of inflicting material damage and can leave behind harmful mold growth. ServiceMaster will start our restoration services by drying the area, testing for residual moisture, remove damage material, and clean the area before beginning the construction. Only after the area is safe again will we rebuild your pre-flood living spaces.

Storm Damage Restoration
Storms can strike in all kinds of scenarios with all kinds of severities. Whether you’re dealing with damage from wind, water, snow, hail, lightning, or the occasional tornado, we have the skills and the experience to bring your building back to its original state. Roof and window damage, loss of power, floods, sewer backups, toppled trees, and much more are all possible from the storms we experience in Alberta.

Fire Damage Restoration
Fires can start from the most unlikely sources: electricity, cooking accidents, lightning, candles – you name it. Often times it isn’t the fire itself that causes the worst damage, but the smoke resulting from the fire can cause far greater material devastation. After a fire, our crews will perform thorough inspections to determine if your space is safe first and foremost. From there we will deodorize, neutralize, perform demolition, and then bring your building space back to normal.

Property Damage Restoration
Between any of the aforementioned building damage, as a property manager you need a restoration company you can trust. No matter what your building has just endured, we treat all property damage with a mix of professionalism and compassion. Even though we can’t control the weather or prevent accidents, we can respond quickly, effectively, and with a human touch.

Connect with Our Team for Restoration Solutions
We want to get your life back to normal. If you find yourself in the midst of a catastrophic event that has caused severe damage to your building, don’t despair. Call our friendly representatives today and we’ll help restore your building as good as new.