What Winter Storm Damage Can Do

While southern Alberta has relatively mild winter temperatures compared to the surrounding area, the Chinook winds are not so forgiving.

In fact, this area experiences over 110 days a year with very high wind speeds reaching as high as 187km/hr. Lethbridge, itself, is the second highest ranked city in the country for number of days with strong winds. Combined with snow from a winter storm, these winds can cause extensive damage.

At ServiceMaster of Lethbridge we believe that knowing what to expect from a winter storm can help you take the necessary actions to protect your property.

Common Types of Damage Caused by Winter Storms

Winter storms often come accompanied by high winds that are strong enough to break shingles loose and damage the underlying roofing material. Damage to siding, facia, and exterior protrusions such as pipes and chimneys is possible. Strong winds can also cause damage to your roof or siding from flying debris such as small rocks, broken tree branches, or by causing the trees themselves to snap and fall over.

A damaged roof and siding won’t be able to prevent leaks when the snow on your roof begins to melt. This can lead to extensive water damage and unsafe conditions inside your home.

What Should I Do When My Property Suffers Storm Damage?

If your roof is missing shingles or has sustained more extensive damage after a storm, then it’s important to immediately contact a trusted restoration company who offers storm damage repair. ServiceMaster restoration certified technicians and sub trades have the tools, techniques and experience to clean up and fix any damage caused by natural disasters like storms.

Timely storm damage repair will be important for helping any home or property insurance claims go smoothly. Often, a policy that covers wind damage or damage caused by falling trees will stipulate that you need to have emergency repairs carried out by a licensed storm damage company to prevent any further damage.

Having your home or business fixed up as soon as possible after a storm will also ensure that it is safe to live or work in. Once the certified restoration technicians have carried out emergency repairs, you won’t have to worry about water damage leading to an unhealthy indoor environment.

Storm Damage Restoration in Lethbridge & Southern Alberta

When disaster strikes, home and business owners need to have someone they can rely on. ServiceMaster of Lethbridge has been providing disaster and storm damage restoration in Lethbridge and southern Alberta for nearly three decades. We are locally owned and ready to respond as soon as an emergency occurs. We also maintain strong relationships with insurance companies in southern Alberta, allowing us to help you with the claims process.

For emergency storm damage repair following a winter storm, don’t wait to contact ServiceMaster of Lethbridge. Our qualified restoration crews will take care of all the necessary cleanup and repairs.