Securing Your Home For Vacation

You’ve worked hard and need a break. Time off is good for both the mind and the body – and now it’s vacation time! But how do you make certain that you won’t come back to additional stress from a disaster in your home while you are away? Read the tips below from ServiceMaster of Lethbridge to help you guard against the unfortunate happening.

Before you leave, check your insurance policy

Make certain your coverage is valid while you are away. Many policies have exclusions that void it after a certain number of days, particularly if you can’t show that someone kept an eye on things for you.

Leave a key with a trusted friend, neighbour or family member. Ask this person to walk through your entire home each time that they come. Make certain your trusted person has your contacts in case anything does go wrong. If you will be unreachable during any period of time, ensure that they have your insurance information including:

  • Insurance company name
  • Contact phone number of broker
  • Policy number

Preparing your home

  1. Do not advertise your future or current absence on social media.
  2. Install an automatic thermostat.
  3. Ask your house-sitter or hire a bonded company to cut the grass, or shovel snow.
  4. Turn your water (heater to the lowest possible setting.
  5. Unplug everything but the refrigerator and freezer, or any items you have on timers.
  6. Remove any “spare” keys around your property.
  7. Disable your garage door opener.
  8. Secure all the doors and windows and double check that nothing was missed.

After an incident

Rest assured that if an unfortunate event does occur while you are home or away, help is available. Call the caring and certified technicians at ServiceMaster of Lethbridge and we will get your home restored for you. Want a referral? Be sure to check out our testimonials page .